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The members of Orange Jackets, an honorary service organization founded in 1923, serve as the official hosts of the University of Texas at Austin. Orange Jackets are chosen from a wide variety of organizations and colleges across campus and are devoted to three main tenets: scholarship, leadership, and service. We serve both UT and the surrounding Austin area through the implementation of various initiatives annually such as the Barbara Jordan Statue Project, the Push for Emergency Call Boxes initiative, our weekly volunteer work at The Settlement Home, and the staging of UT’s Week of Women.

University of Texas at Austin


The application for the 2012 Margaret C. Berry Scholarship is now available on the MCB Award page! Download the application and apply today!

2012 Margaret C. Berry Scholarship

Recruitment Schedule

  1. Monday, February 13th

  2. Applications Released

  3. Tuesday, February 21st - CBA 4.330

  4. Information Session (5:30 - 6:30 PM)

  5. Wednesday, February 29th - Littlefield House

  6. Meet ‘n’ Greet (come-and-go between 6-8 PM)

  7. Sunday, March 4th - Starbucks on 24th

  8. Starbucks Chat (come-and-go between 2-4 PM)

  9. Monday, March 5th - Starbucks on 24th

  10. Starbucks Chat (come-and-go between 7-9 PM)

  11. Wednesday, March 7th

  12. Application Deadline (5 PM)

  13. Friday, March 23rd

  14. Interviews (Invited Candidates Only)

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